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Laertis presents his new single 'Let Her Say' 



Indie singer-songwriter & guitarist Laertis is proud to announce the release of his new single Let Her Say.
This Mediterranean Soul track reveals the artist’s one-sided confrontation with Greece, depicted both as a country and as a female figure.
Taking inspiration from Jose Gonzales’ Heartbeats minimal instrumentation, Laertis uses this fingerstyle classical guitar technic as a way of giving space to the lyrics’ testimony.

Let Her Say combines Latin rhythms with a groovy character, raw vocals, and spacious sound production, made possible by producer Adam Bonser.




The album cover was created by Laertis, combining methods of collage and drawing.

Laertis presents his debut album 'Les Vulnérables’ 



Indie singer-songwriter Laertis is proud to announce the release of his debut album Les Vulnerables.
As he reflects on his own experience, Laertis begins to make sense of the concept of vulnerability and how to embrace it through different stages: from disappointments to heartbreaks, to moments of despair and self-assessment.
This album alternates, through its 7 songs, between nonchalance and powerful outbursts, offering a constant surprise to its listeners.

Crafting each song over the past two years, it is perhaps Laertis' most personal songwriting project to date, as well as a true reflection of his artistic style. This indie-alternative album combines jazzy elements with a groovy character, veracious and passionate vocals, and blends brilliantly original folk sounds with cinematic and rich sound production.

Laertis wrote the melodies and recorded the bass, acoustic and electric guitars, as well as the vocals. As co-producer with Rob Woods, he also heavily contributed to the production aspect of the album.


  1. In the Attic (Single - released on June 2022)
  2. Mistakes
  3. Resol
  4. Spirit (Single - released on 16-Sep-2022)
  5. Lady
  6. Upon Ya
  7. Another Day